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Analysis of Blogger Terms of Service

I will get around to completing all of these articles. Many are half-written or all-written in my head. If you desperately seek some info on any of these topics, let me know with a comment below and I will prioritize!
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From Anonymous Barb, on September 28, 2006
I don't understand this rss feed stuff cuz I'm older than dirt. =) Can you explain it in stupidese please?
From Blogger quicklode, on September 29, 2006
Hi Barb, you're not the first one to ask! I will add a new article to my list ... "Beginners Guide to RSS" or something like that.

My favorite RSS reader is 'Great News'.. you can download it at . From a single window you can read every new article from your favorite websites or blogs (if they offer an RSS feed).

It makes sense as a blogger to offer an RSS feed from your own site, so that your audience can read you this way...

Thanks for your comment,

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