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How To Change Your Blogger Template

How to change your Blogger template using the Blogger Templates Directory

First, please make sure you have read about licensing.

1. Select the template you like and click the 'Download' link. Save the Zip file on your computer. On some browsers, you can right-click the link to select which folder to save to.

2. Open the Zip file, eg. with WinZip or WinRar, extract the contents to your computer. There will be a .TXT file (the template code) and some image files (.JPG, .GIF or .PNG).

Note: the template will probably work as it is right now. BUT when viewed, the images will be retrieved from the location where the original creator saved them (generally their own website or photo-sharing service). If too many people download from the original site the creator may incur a bandwidth charge or could even get blocked from their service. The right thing to do is save the images on your own site somewhere.

3. Now upload the image files to some webspace or photo-sharing service somewhere. Good choices for free space include: Flickr, Photobucket, Webshots, Googlepages. Check your service settings to ensure that image sizes are not changed. Notes: Flickr changes filenames, Photobucket and Googlepages do not.

4. Open the .TXT template file (eg with Notepad). One by one, find where each image file is referenced in the template and change the URL (http address). For example, you might see a line like:

You need to change everything after the 'http://' to match the correct address of the image on your photo-sharing service.

5. When you have made these changes, save the template on your computer. Keep Notepad open.

6. Go to your Blogger dashboard, open your Blog manager and select 'Template'. Select all the existing template text, copy it and paste it in a new Notepad file, then save this for safety in case you want to revert back to it later.

7. Delete all text in your Blogger template window, then copy and paste in the text from your new template file. Click 'Save Changes' and then 'Publish'.

8. You can make corrections or further template changes by editing the template file on your computer and copy-and-pasting it into your Blogger template window.
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