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Licensing and Copyright
The majority of templates on this site are free. However that does not mean there are no licensing or usage terms applied. They may be fully 'open source', or distributed under a 'creative commons' licence, or may be 'linkware' or the creator may have special terms associated with use of his design.

It is very important to read the license terms on the designers homepage, to confirm that your intended use will comply with the terms of the license and copyright.

As a matter of principle, you should retain the designer's credits, bylines and copyright statements in any template you use, especially if the designer specifically requests it. If the designer requests visible credits to be maintained (ie a by-line or link visible to the user, not just within the template) then please respect that. It's also a nice thought to drop the designer a note (email or comment on blog) to say that you are using his/her template. It's a simple courtesy and also rewarding for the designer to know when a template is used.

If you are a designer and believe that one of the Blogger templates listed on Blogger Templates Directory is somehow breaking your copyright terms, then please contact me immediately and I will take appropriate action.
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