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My Blogging Diary Pink

Created by: Xueni - Preview - Download

Very pink and very cool. The blog appears on the monitor, and the buttons on the remoted control (iPod?) select the content.
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From Anonymous Kate, on September 27, 2006
Extremely cute. This design doesn't allow for full Blogger codes. In the "iPod" clicker area (really cute!) she envisions a tagboard and a ID listing. She also has a section that would be for links and credits but it doesn't respond to clucks.There is place for the blog entries in the main screen, but no place to put the Previous posts or Archives. *Very cute design*, but non-functional unless the user is fluent in coding--but if the user were that fluent I doubt he/she would be looking to pick up a template in this fashion. On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 3 because it...doesn'
From Blogger quicklode, on September 29, 2006
Hi Kate, yes there is some small editing of the template required to insert your own personal information, links or tagboard if you use one. It's probably possible to make one of the iPod channel buttons select archives instead of tagboard... If I find some time I'll take a look..

I'll also add a new item to my list of articles to write, about very basic template editing.

Thanks for your comment,

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